It Will Sell Fast Right?

I have been asked so many times and it is always impossible to answer – “it will sell fast right?” I have been shown through thousands of homes by owners that are considering making a move and you never know the answer until you know who you are dealing with.

The shiny nickel

The “shiny nickel” tour starts with the extra shelving in the garage, works through the extras that include some form of fancy insulation, heavy duty French nails, 45 year shingles and Internet connections in every room (wifi be damned). The lawns are manicured and the house is in excellent condition.

After the tour we review sales of comparable homes in the last few months there seems to be some disagreement regarding the value of the home. “None of these homes have oak cupboards in the kitchen or parquet flooring in the rec room. How could they possibly compare to my house?” No matter what I say, this home will come onto the market $20,000 to $30,000 above what buyers will actually pay – sell fast? No it will sit.

Sold in 24 hours. Sell fast!

The dirty penny

The counterpart to the shiny nickel is the “dirty penny.” Often referred to as a “sockburner” they are just clean enough for me to justify taking my shoes off, only to regret this decision when I see the dustballs and cat hair in the corners and feel the slightly sticky sensation of the flooring in the kitchen.

When I get home my shoes are taken off outside and my socks go directly into the washing machine or, in extreme cases, the garbage. These are the homes that when I make a suggestion about the price the owners agree and within a few weeks to a month we have a big, fat SOLD sign in the yard. Sell fast – yes.

I’ll take a dirty penny over a shiny nickel any day of the week

Renovations and cleanliness have a HUGE impact on the value of a home, but we can never sell a home for more than a buyer is willing to pay. I love clean homes. I don’t love driving home with the windows down in the rain to air out my suit, but I will take a well-priced stinker over an overpriced show home any day of the week.

Contact us and find out what buyers are willing to pay for your home!

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