Rough Around the Hedges: Cultivate Curb Appeal

Thinking of selling your home? Bumping up your home’s curb appeal is about identifying your home’s weaknesses and addressing them in a way that makes sense for your home’s aesthetic, the amount of

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot! Affordable Homes for Sale in Nanaimo

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Time to Review Your Mortgage

We often think a financial review means meeting with your Investment and Retirement Planner and reviewing your current Investment Portfolio.  However, this is only one side of our financial well-being.  Most Canadians also hold Mortgages and they are just as important to review.  Now, more than ever may be a great time to meet a Specialist for a “Mortgage Review” as both fixed and variable rates have decreased and are arguably the lowest they have been in history.

What does this mean for you?  You may benefit from these lower rates and save money by switching to a lower rate than you currently have.  Even if you are mid-term, many clients benefit by paying their prepayment charge as this is offset by the savings in interest over the term. It’s a good time, whether you are refinancing, renewing or purchasing to review your mortgage.

Renewing Your Mortgage

As rates are at historical lows, it’s a great time to meet with an RBC Mortgage Specialist to review your current mortgage.  There are no hidden costs to switch to RBC.  We cover the legal cost, property valuation cost, and the discharge fee of your currently lender.

Tip: If you are comfortable with your current payments, you can leave them the same amount, this will reduce your amortization.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

Look at other debt you may have.  This might be the time to consolidate your credit cards, lines of credit, and personal loans into your mortgage, as rates could be more favorable for you – and save you from paying higher interest costs.

Tip: many credit cards charge you 19% or higher on purchases. When rolled into your mortgage, you could save 16% or more.

Purchasing Homes

With rates as low as they are, housing is affordable for many Canadians.  Often clients are surprised when they complete a pre-approved mortgage application that their mortgage payment is lower than what they pay for rent.

Tip: You may complete a pre-approved mortgage application with RBC to find out what amount you qualify for, this allows you to meet with a realtor and shop for a home with confidence.

While every situation is different, I encourage you to meet with an RBC Mortgage Specialist.  They review your specific situation and give you advice to meet your needs.  As a leader in mortgage financing, we are confident that we can provide you with solid advice, a quality lending product, and exceptional rates. Let’s see if we can save you some money and get your mortgage paid off faster!  If you are in the market for a new mortgage or would like to review your current mortgage, please call: 250-816-5848.

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